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Nuclear physics seminars

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Seminars for the nuclear physics group. These are usually held in term time on alternate Wednesday afternoons at 15:00, interleaved with the school colloquia.

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"Nuclear Isomers from nanoseconds and beyond"

UserDr. Matthew Reed, ANU, Australia.

HousePhysics West 115.

ClockMonday 14 March 2016, 14:00-15:30

“Do we understand excited 0+ states in nuclei?”

UserProffessor John Wood, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA .


ClockWednesday 06 January 2016, 14:00-15:30

Quarteting in nuclei

UserJózsef Cseh, Hungarian Academy of Science .

HousePhysics West 106.

ClockFriday 18 December 2015, 14:00-15:30

Nuclear Incompressibility, the Asymmetry Term, and Fluffiness of Open-Shell Nuclei

UserProf. Umesh Garg, University of Notre Dame.


ClockWednesday 18 November 2015, 14:00-15:30

Theoretical approaches for the cluster structure of light nuclei

User Prof. Naoyuki Itagaki (Kyoto University).

HousePhysics West 106.

ClockMonday 14 September 2015, 16:00-17:00

Stellar Structure, Evolution and Nucleosynthesis

UserDr Raphael Hirschi, Keele University.

HousePhysics West 103.

ClockWednesday 13 May 2015, 15:00-16:00

Illuminating strongly interacting matter

UserProf. Dan Watts (University of Edinburgh).

HousePoynting Small Lecture Theatre.

ClockWednesday 30 July 2014, 15:00-16:00

Event shape engineering at the LHC

UserAnthony R. Timmins (University of Houston).

HousePhysics West 106.

ClockWednesday 23 July 2014, 14:00-15:00

Monitoring Radiation Damage in Material For Accident-Tolerant Nuclear Fuels

UserJeff Terry, Assoc. Professor of Physics at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

HousePhysics West 106.

ClockMonday 24 March 2014, 14:00-15:00

Studying stellar explosions with DRAGON.

UserAlison Laird (University of York).

HousePhysics West 106.

ClockWednesday 12 March 2014, 14:00-15:00

Do nuclei go pear-shaped? - Investigation of 220Rn and 224Ra at REX-ISOLDE (CERN)

UserMarcus Scheck (UWS).

HouseMuirhead 113.

ClockWednesday 05 March 2014, 14:00-15:00

Analysis of states in Oxygen-17 populated in Carbon-13+Helium-4 resonant elastic scattering.

UserLovro Prepolec (Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Croatia).

HousePhysics West 106.

ClockWednesday 15 January 2014, 14:00-16:00

Advances in explosive nuclear astrophysics

UserDr. Gavin Lotay, University of Surrey.

HousePhysics West 106.

ClockWednesday 18 December 2013, 14:00-16:00

Investigations of cluster nuclei using (mainly) beta and gamma decay

UserHans Fynbo (Aarhus, Denmark).

HousePhysics Library (West 125).

ClockTuesday 12 March 2013, 14:00-15:00

IOP two-day workshop: ab initio understanding of light nuclei 12th/13th December

UserFor speakers see:

HousePoynting Small Lecture Theatre.

ClockWednesday 12 December 2012, 09:00-17:00

Latest results from ALICE (Particle Physics Seminar)

UserOrlando Villalobos-Baillie (University of Birmingam).

HousePoynting Small Lecture Theatre.

ClockWednesday 26 September 2012, 13:30-14:30

Nuclear astrophysics

UserChristian Diget (University of York).

HousePhysics East Room 417.

ClockFriday 21 September 2012, 10:00-11:00

A new Si recoil tracking detector for the R3B experiment at GSI.

UserDr Nick Ashwood, University of Birmingham.


ClockFriday 30 March 2012, 14:00-15:00

A TRACE of the AGATA campaign at LNL

UserDr Daniele Mengoni, Lengaro National Laboratory, Italy.


ClockWednesday 28 March 2012, 14:00-15:00

Marine reactor design (Industrial Seminar)

UserMartin Briggs and Chris O'Leary from Rolls-Royce.

HouseLarge lecture theatre (Poynting).

ClockWednesday 29 February 2012, 14:15-15:15

Hyperspectral X-ray imaging for medical applications

UserSilvia Pani (University of Surrey).


ClockFriday 10 February 2012, 14:00-15:00

Shape isomers and clusterization in atomic nuclei.

UserJozeph Cseh (Institute of Nuclear Research, Deberecen, Hungary).


ClockWednesday 18 January 2012, 14:00-15:00

The Phoenix ECR and the York Bragg detector

UserCharles Barton, University of York.


ClockWednesday 14 December 2011, 14:00-15:00

Time evolution of fermonic systems from first principles

UserArnau Rios Huguet (University of Surrey).


ClockWednesday 07 December 2011, 14:30-15:30

Driving stellar explosions - creating chemical elements

UserChristian Diget (University of York).


ClockWednesday 16 November 2011, 15:00-16:00

Nuclear Incompressibility, the Asymmetry Term, and the MEM Effect

UserUmesh Garg (University of Notre Dame, USA).

HouseNuffield G13.

ClockFriday 11 November 2011, 14:00-16:00

187-Re/187-Os – Nuclear Chronometer for the Age of the Universe

UserFranz Käppeler (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology).


ClockThursday 09 June 2011, 15:00-16:00

A tennis player - not a golfer: Rudolf Peierls, his life and scientific work.

UserSabine Lee (University of Birmingham).

HouseArts 201.

ClockMonday 29 November 2010, 15:00-16:00

Boron neutron capture therapy (joint seminar with particle physics)

UserStuart Green (QE Hospital).

HouseSmall Lecture Theatre (Poynting).

ClockWednesday 24 November 2010, 13:30-14:30

Quantum decoherence in low-energy nuclear collision dynamics?

UserAlexis Diaz-Torres (University of Surreny).


ClockWednesday 17 November 2010, 15:00-16:00

Searching for the glue which binds us all - the case for an electron-ion collider

UserMatt Lamont (Brookhaven, USA).


ClockWednesday 07 July 2010, 13:30-14:30

Determining Plutonium Mass in Spent Fuel Assemblies with Non-Destructive Assay (NDA)

UserLouise Evans (LANL).


ClockWednesday 30 June 2010, 15:00-16:00

Measurements for Nuclear Astrophysics at Oak Ridge (Cancelled)


UserSteven Pain (UWS).


ClockWednesday 26 May 2010, 15:00-16:00

Resonant states in 21-O

UserBeatriz Dominguez-Fernandez (GANIL, France).


ClockWednesday 24 March 2010, 15:00-16:00

Beta-delayed fission in the lead region

UserAndrei Andreyev (UWS).


ClockWednesday 10 March 2010, 13:30-14:30

Shape-coexistence in the vicinity of N=Z=82 spherical shell closures

UserDr David O'Donnell (Daresbury).

HouseW125 (Library).

ClockFriday 27 November 2009, 15:00-16:00

Breaking of mirror symmetry in the A=70 mass region

UserDr Riccardo Orlandi (UWS).


ClockWednesday 11 November 2009, 15:00-16:00

Direct measurements of astrophysically important proton capture reactions.

UserDr Kelly Chipps, University of York.


ClockWednesday 28 October 2009, 15:00-16:00

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